Save Close Kill


Save Close kill is a script designed for use by those having problems with Vegas not closing completely–in other words, Vegas processes are still active even though the Vegas dialog is closed.  This script provides a workaround with the following three actions–first, it launches the SaveAs dialog; second, it closes the Vegas instance; and third, after 2 seconds, it “kills” the specific Vegas process itself.  Unlike the KillAllVegas app, this script only “kills” the Vegas instance that launched it.



Special Requirements:


Installation Instructions:

Download and and unzip the file “” which contains script extensions for both the Magix and Sony versions of Vegas plus an icon.   Copy the three files SaveCloseKill.exe, SaveCloseKill.dll  and SaveCloseKill.png into the script menu folder for your current Vegas installation.  E.g. for Vegas 16, the location would be “C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 16.0\Script Menu”.  Or, you can add the script to either OtterBar or OtterInfoBar if you are using Happy Otter Scripts.