Just Released - New Vegas Pro Extension - Happy Otter AudioSyncR

Happy Otter Scripts for Vegas Pro

Major Features


  • Direct uncompressed video from Vegas timeline using DebugMode FrameServer
  • CPU only H.264/AVC renders using 8-bit and 10-bit x264 encoders from VideoLAN
  • CPU only H.265/HEVC renders using 8-bit and 10-bit x265 encoders from x265.org
  • GPU assisted renders including:
    • Intel QuickSync support for H.264 and HEVC (both 8 and 10-bit)
    • Nvidia NVENC support for H.264 and HEVC (both 8 and 10-bit)
    • AMD  VCE/AMF support for H.264 and HEVC (8 bit only)
  • Choice of Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) encoders including Sony AAC and FFmpeg AAC
  • Optional support for Fraunhofer FDK AAC and Nero AAC audio encoders
  • Easy control of encoder settings through dedicated GUI’s
  • Command Line access to virtually all encoder settings for advanced users


  • Easy access to library of Avisynth and VirtualDub filters
  • Spatio-temporal noise filtering using advanced optical flow techniques
  • Image stabilization using deshaker
  • Fisheye removal from wide angle video sources such as GoPro
  • Slow motion FX up to 10x using advanced optical flow techniques
  • High quality de-interlacing using QTGMC
  • Image resizing including high quality uprezzing to HD and UHD
  • Frame rate changes using advanced optical flow techniques


  • Non-destructive editing  (NDE) of audio events using apps such as Sound Forge, Izotope RX, etc.
  • NDE  of graphics including PSD and Raw using apps such as Photoshop, Affinity Photo, etc.
  • Frame accurate trimming of long-gop  media formats such as MP4, MOV, M2TS, etc
  • Dedicated trimming and rendering of audio events, loop region, and regions
  • Media rewrapping and transcoding of formats not easily imported into Vegas
  • Rapid GPU-assisted proxy creation and quick timeline switching between original and proxy
  • Easy management of Fx including creation of favorites and filter chains
  • Pre-render Fx with choice of rendering codecs and immediate split-screen preview
  • Lossless conversion of variable frame rate (VFR) video to constant frame rate

Media Management

  • Intelligent search for media files that can replace existing media or be added as new project media
  • Bulk renaming of media and nested project files selected from the timeline or project media window

Happy Otter AudioSyncR

Audio Syncing Tool

  • Accurately matches audio from multiple cameras and/or audio recorders
  • Waveform matching of audio events and loop regions with reference audio track
  • Option to select which events and tracks are to be synced
  • Optional pre-syncing using timestamp metadata
  • Options for adding synced audio to event as a take or to new track
  • Drift detection and correction by adjusting Vegas playback rate
  • Synced events moved to align with reference track or remain in same position with added audio
  • Sub-frame waveform matching for improved accuracy
  • For additional technical information, Click here.
  • Note that AudioSyncR will not be included as part of the Happy Otter Scripts toolset.

Screen Shot

AudioSyncR Demos - Recommended viewing at Fullscreen

Happy Otter Scripts


  • OtterBar – a dockable toolbar that sits above the timeline for quick launch of Vegas scripts
  • OtterControl—external app enabling power users to launch large number of editing actions
  • OtterInfoBar – adds detailed information about timeline events and media properties
  • OtterMenu – traditional menu that can launch scripts from the top Vegas toolbar
  • OtterNavBar – toolbar that can navigate the timeline and make selections of tracks and events


  • AudioTrim – trim and render audio events from timeline with control of event, track and bus Fx
  • AviDub – apply Avisynth and VirtualDub filters to selected events, loops or regions
  • BatchRender – a tool that enables the user to render batch jobs created in AviDub and RenderPlus
  • DeshakerRedux – a dedicated Deshaker app with new features including turbo pass 1 analysis
  • EventDucker – a tool for controlling audio volume and video composite envelopes
  • ExternalApps – a tool for launching external applications with option to add media file as argument
  • FileNamingSetup – a tool that enables the user to customize the names of rendered files
  • FrameFixer -a tool for detecting scene changes and finding and replacing black, duplicate or flash frames
  • FxAssist – a tool to enable easy creation and management of Fx favorites and filter chains
  • ImportAssist – rewrap or transcode external media into formats easily decoded within Vegas
  • KwikPreview – an alternative to RAM preview (Shift-B) without memory limitations plus external playback
  • KwikProxy – enables the rapid creation of proxies (compared to native Vegas) with options for AVC or MPEG2
  • KwikZoom – enables user to quickly add keyframes for rapid zoom in and out to selected area of the timeline
  • LoudToOpacity – enables user to control track opacity based on loudness of audio
  • MediaFinder -a tool  designed to easily search for and replace project media and search for new media
  • MediaRenamer -enables the user to batch rename media files  found in the Project Media window
  • MediaReplacer-enables the user to batch replace media files  found in the Project Media window
  • OpenAudioEditor – non-destructive editing of timeline audio events
  • OpenPhotoEditor – non-destructive editing of timeline graphics including raw and psd formats
  • ProxyAssist – creates low resolution proxies as takes using  internal/external encoders
  • RenderEvents – prerender selected events or regions and return as Take or new track event
  • RenderPlus – final render with choice of external encoders and Avisysnth filtering options
  • SmartVideoTrim – frame accurate trimming of long-gop media files from the timeline
  • SpeedRamp – enables speed up or slow down while maintaining audio sync
  • ThemeDesigner – a tool for selecting and designing custom color themes of the GUI

Screen Shots

Happy Otter Scripts Demos - Recommended viewing at Fullscreen


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