Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Which versions of Vegas Pro are currently supported by HOS?   At the moment, HOS supports versions 12 through 17.

2.  Can I use HOS with Vegas Movie Studio?  No. You must use Vegas Pro.

3.  Can I use HOS with different versions of Vegas on the same computer? Yes. HOS supports both Sony and Magix versions of Vegas which can be used at the same time. 

4.  What 3rd party software will be installed on my system? The latest versions of the following software will be installed:

FFmpeg (64bit)

VirtualDub2 (32bit and 64bit)

 Avisynth+ (32bit and 64bit)

 Media Player Classic – Home Cinema

 UtVideo Lossless Codec Suite

 DebugMode FrameServer

Additional apps and plug-ins will also be installed in support of GPU-assisted rendering, Avisynth filtering, and VirtualDub filtering. For a complete list of apps, plug-ins and version information, see  Version Info.

5.  Can I use my own versions of software that is already installed? The short answer is “Yes” although it is not recommended. There is one exception.  HOS automatically removes Avisynth and installs the latest version of Avisynth+.  You cannot use earlier Avisynth versions such as 2.58, 2.6 or 2.6MT.  However, you can still use your own plug-in folder.  Additionally, you cannot use regular versions of VirtualDub with HOS.  If installed, you can still use them as before.  You just can’t use those versions with HOS–it must be VirtualDub2 which was initially called VirtualDub FilterMod.  The remaining software is pretty-much “self-contained” and will not interfere with other installations that you have.  If you want to use your own version of FFmpeg, just make sure that it is the latest version and that it has a higher position in the path of the User Environment Variable.

6.  Are there any special hardware requirements? Special hardware is required only for GPU-assisted renders: QuickSync requires an Intel processor with HD Graphics; NVENC requires an Nvidia graphics card; and VCE/AMF requires an AMD graphics card. When HOS first starts, a check for supported GPU-assisted rendering options is performed.

7.  Is the HOS setup app digitally signed?  Yes, it is digitally signed.  However, Windows will still likely warn you that the software source is unknown.

8.  Can I create a system restore point before installation?  Yes, there is an option once the installer launches for a restore point to be created.

9.  How can I encode audio with the Fraunhofer or Nero AAC Codecs?  While HOS supports use of these audio codecs, they are not included in the install package because of licensing restrictions.  You must download the binaries of these codecs (fdkaac.exe and neroAacEnc.exe) and copy them to the “C:\Program Files\HappyOtterScripts” folder.

10.  Does HOS support non-English versions of Vegas and Windows?  Yes.  To date, HOS has been tested with the English and German versions of Vegas and English, German, and Portuguese versions of Windows.

11.  Why the name Happy Otter?  Perché no?  Why not?  I love otters even though I’ve only filmed a few in the wild.  I liked the smooth-talking character Otter in the film Animal House.  And more importantly, it’s a term of endearment from my significant other.