Free Tools

The following Happy Otter tools may be freely downloaded and shared by anyone visiting this site.  If you find them useful, please consider buying the HappyOtter a beer–preferably a Guinness, his favorite brew.

Standalone Applications

  • Audio Sync and Remux – replaces audio stream and/or losslessly adjusts audio delay of rendered MP4 files
  • Date Folder Creator – creates date folders and then moves media files into them based on file recording date
  • Duplicate Frames Finder – searches for  duplicate adjacent frames for video events on the Vegas timeline
  • Elapsed Time Generator – adds elapsed time to rendered files with choice of font, size, style, color and location
  • GoPro File Mover – moves GoPro files to top directory when only a single camera is being used
  • GPS Thumbnail Creator – creates thumbnails  and when available adds extracted GPS from GoPro as metadata
  • Kill All Vegas – app to kill all Vegas instances that are still running or have crashed
  • Legacy Text Extractor – extracts Vegas Legacy Text titles directly from the project file
  • Magix BlackLister – renames videostream metadata title so that the copied media file can be “blacklisted”
  • MP4 Date Changer – Losslessly changes selected MP4 and MOV metadata including date of original recording
  • MP4 File Joiner – joins previously rendered MP4 files with choice of joining techniques
  • Render Quality Metrics – quantitative metrics based on comparison of  rendered frames to the original source
  • Render Quality Metrics FFmpeg – metrics based on  a comparison of rendered file to a reference file using FFmpeg
  • Small Image Import – imports small images onto larger frame for import into Vegas without zooming
  • Text Script Converter – batch conversion of text scripts from Sony to Magix or vice-versa

Vegas Script Extensions

  • Add Tape Name – a script that enables the user to add a Tape Name to project media
  • AutoColorGrading – scripts for applying auto settings such as Color Level or Color Balance to multiple events
  • Copy Track Volume Envelopes – script for copying track volume envelope and pasting to new track
  • Forward Reverse Subclips – creates forward and reverse subclips for region within selected event
  • Get Title Text – extracts text from selected Titles & Text media in a format suitable for use in Text to Speech apps
  • Group Selected Events – creates  a group across tracks for selected events–E.g. regroup video and audio
  • Insert Freeze Frame – script for inserting freeze frames into a video event without use of velocity envelopes
  • Invert Regions – script for inverting or creating regions where no regions currently exist
  • Keyframe Adjuster – enables user to adjust the position of all pan/crop keyframes for a selected event
  • Mute Hidden Events – splits and mutes events that are “hidden” or “covered” on lower tracks
  • OBS Timestamps To Markers – script that adds markers to OBS recordings using timestamps from Infowriter
  • PasteAtMarkers – script that copies the first selected event on each track to all marker positions
  • Playlist Import – script that enables the user to import audio playlists to the Vegas timeline
  • Points At Markers – script that adds a point to the track volume envelope at the position all timeline markers
  • Quantize to Frames – quantizes event, fade, marker, region and render loop points to the nearest frame boundary
  • Remove Empty Tracks – removes all empty tracks from a project
  • Remove Events – script for removing timeline events and deleting or recycling associated media files
  • Remove Hidden Events – splits and removes events that are “hidden” or “covered” on lower tracks
  • ReSync Audio – re-syncs audio with video for selected events
  • SaveCloseKill – saves project, closes and then “kills” Vegas for use when Vegas doesn’t shutdown properly
  • SaveRestore – saves cursor position when project closes and places cursor at same position when project re-opens
  • Serialize Events – simple script to add a serialized suffix to Active Take Name
  • Set Alpha – simple script for setting alpha property for selected events
  • Set Audio Crossfade – enables the user to set the crossfade length for selected audio events
  • Set Event Fx and Transitions – script to bypass, enable, or remove Fx and transitions for selected or all events
  • Set Event Length – simple script for setting the length of selected events
  • Show Fx – script to show all event, media, track, and output Fx for selected event
  • SlipSlide Tools – a set of scripts designed to slip or slide events by a configurable amount of time
  • Snapshot Tools – five scripts for creating, saving, and editing images of the timeline at the position of the cursor
  • Trim Frames – simple script for trimming head and tail frames from an event with optional auto ripple
  • Trim To Fit – trims the length of a selected event so that it does not overlap the next event
  • Vegas Render Quality – set of tools designed to measure the quality of Vegas renders including PSNR and SSIM
  • Zoom Tools – set of scripts designed to zoom in and out of timeline without use of mouse wheel

Vegas Extensions

  • DaviTools VideoWall – extension designed to easily create a video wall using a graphical user interface

Vegas Text Scripts

  • Move Cursor – a set of scripts designed to move the position of the cursor by a set time amount
  • Regions From Transitions – a script that adds a region for each transition on the selected track
  • Select Events – a set of scripts designed to select events based on cursor position or presence of markers
  • Split Events – a set of scripts designed to split events
  • Trim Events – a set of scripts designed to trim events