Tools Library

The purpose of the tools library is to provide a vehicle for  cataloging and distributing freeware applications and scripts that can be of value to the Vegas Pro user.   These tools may be freely downloaded and shared by anyone visiting this site.   At the moment, only a few tools and scripts are available for download. In  hopes that the library grows, users are encouraged to upload their own scripts and freeware apps that they have found useful.

Standalone Applications

  • Date Folder Creator – creates date folders and then moves media files into them based on file recording date
  • Duplicate Frames Finder – searches for  duplicate adjacent frames for video events on the Vegas timeline
  • Elapsed Time Generator – adds elapsed time to rendered files with choice of font, size, style, color and location
  • GoPro File Mover – moves GoPro files to top directory when only a single camera is being used
  • GPS Thumbnail Creator – creates thumbnails  and when available adds extracted GPS from GoPro as metadata
  • MP4 Date Changer – Losslessly changes selected MP4 metadata including date of original recording
  • MP4 File Joiner – joins previously rendered MP4 files with choice of joining techniques
  • Render Quality Metrics – quantitative metrics based on comparison of  rendered frames to the original source
  • Small Image Import – imports small images onto larger frame for import into Vegas without zooming
  • Text Script Converter – batch conversion of text scripts from Sony to Magix or vice-versa

Vegas Script Extensions

  • Copy Track Volume Envelopes – script for copying track volume envelope and pasting to new track
  • Invert Regions – script for inverting or creating regions where no regions currently exist
  • Remove Events – script for removing timeline events and deleting or recycling associated media files
  • Set Alpha – simple script for setting alpha property for selected events
  • Set Event Length – simple script for setting the length of selected events
  • Trim Frames – simple script for trimming head and tail frames from an event with optional auto ripple

Vegas Text Scripts

  • Move Cursor – a set of scripts designed to move the position of the cursor by a set time amount
  • Select Events – a set of scripts designed to select events based on cursor position or presence of markers
  • Slip Slide Events – a set of scripts designed to slip or slide events by a single frame
  • Split Events – a set of scripts designed to split events
  • Trim Events – a set of scripts designed to trim events

Avisynth Scripts

  • Coming soon

VirtualDub Filter Settings

  • Coming soon

VirtualDub Render Settings

  • Coming soon

FFmpeg Custom Command Lines

  • Coming soon
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