DaviTools VideoWall


The DaviTools VideoWall is a dockable extension created by David Pront that provides you with a graphical representation of your design and lets you edit your design with ease and precision.  Please note that this tool is NOT a HappyOtter creation.  Assistance was provided to the author only for recompiling to support Magix versions of Vegas.


• Visual creation of your Video Wall
• Resize, reposition, rotate, etc. the individual Video Wall channels
• Add Borders
• Live update of changes on the preview window
• Save and Load your projects
• Quickly build Video Walls with presets

Author's Website

Detailed help information including a quick start guide can be found at http://www.davitools.com/videowall/


Special Requirements:


Installation Instructions:

Download and and unzip the file “DaviToolsVideoWall.zip” which contains extensions for both the Magix and Sony versions of Vegas plus an icon.   Copy the desired  extension (dll) file and icon into the following folder.  For Magix versions: “C:\ProgramData\VEGAS Pro\Application Extensions”.  For Sony versions: “C:\ProgramData\Sony\Vegas Pro\Application Extensions”.