1.   Reloads the crop settings from the deshaker template. 

2. Defines the cropped frame size. Shows the number of left, right, top, and bottom pixels that will either be cropped during the both Pass 1 and Pass 2..

3. Modulus . Most codecs require that the  pixel Width and Height be divisible by 2.  For interlaced footage, it is often 4.  For some codecs such as Cineform, the modulus is 16.  This number can be set from the dropdown list.  The default is 2.

4.  Resets the crop window to the entire frame.

5.   Previews the crop window after first loading.

6. Cropped Size.  Frame size after cropping.

7. Resize to.  If checked, a final resize will be added at the end of Pass 2 processing.  The Width and Height can be directly entered.  In the above example, the final resize would be set to 1280 x 720.

8. Cancel. Dialog exits without any change to the crop settings.

9. OK.  Changes to crop settings are saved.