Auto Color Grading


Auto Color Grading consists of 4 scripts that are designed to quickly apply auto settings such as Color Levels or Color Balance to multiple timeline events.  Since the Vegas scripting API does not provide access to the controls within the new Color Grading dialog,  the approach taken is to have separate scripts for selecting the next event on the timeline and then simulating the  required mouse click of the Auto Color control.  Once these scripts are assigned keyboard shortcuts, a 2-click operation becomes possible from the keyboard or a 1-click operation possible for those users having a Contour Shuttle or a programmable mouse that supports macro creation.

Also included is a script, ResetColorGrading,  that enables the user to reset the Color Grading Fx to “Default” for selected or all events.  The user may also remove or add the Color Grading Fx to timeline events.  The GUI for this script is shown below.


Special Requirements:

Supported only in Magix versions 17 and later.

Installation Instructions:

Download and and unzip the file “” which contains script extensions for the Magix version of Vegas plus icons.   Copy the script extension (dll) files and icons into the script menu folder for your current Vegas installation.  E.g. for Vegas 18, the location would be “C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 18.0\Script Menu”.  Detailed instructions can be found in Install Notes.