Audio Sync and Remux


Audio Sync and  Remux is an app that enables the user to adjust audio delay of previously rendered MP4 files.  There is also an option to replace the audio stream of the original file with the audio stream from a replacement file.  It is useful for correcting the characteristic 44 millisecond audio delay (actually early) of files rendered using FFmpeg with such apps as Handbrake and the Voukoder renderer inside of Vegas.  There is no re-rendering.  Both the video stream and audio stream are copied, thus ensuring no loss of quality.


Special Requirements:

Requires the user to have FFmpeg installed on his system.  If the HappyOtterScripts Free or paid version is installed, nothing more is required.  If the user does not have or want HOS to  be installed, the app can still be used.  However, the user must download and install FFmpeg and make sure that the path to the FFmpeg executable, “ffmpeg.exe” is included in the user path variable in Environment Variables.

Installation Instructions:

Download and copy the app “AudioRemuxer.exe” to any convenient location.  There is no Windows installation required.