Snapshot Tools


Five “snapshot” scripts designed for creating and saving images of the timeline at the position of the cursor.  All images are created by temporarily changing preview quality to Best/Full.

  • Snapshot Tool Setup–tool settings dialog for setting:
    • Where images files are to be saved
    • Selection of image format including bmp, jpg, png, and tiff.
    • Selection of quality for jpeg images
    • Duration of the image on the timeline  for use in the SnapshotToTrack tool
    • Option to bypass Fx on the video output bus
    • Option to add images to the media pool for the SnapshotSave tool
    • Editor to be used in SnapshotEdit tool
  • Snapshot to Track–saves image to a subfolder of the Project folder, adds the image to project media in a Bin titled “SnapshotsToTrack” and adds the image as a new event to a new track titled “SnapshotsToTrack”. 
  • SnapshotSave–saves image to a subfolder of the Project folder and adds the image to project media in a Bin titled “SnapshotsSaved”.
  • SnapshotCopy–simply copies the image to the clipboard.  Works the same as the native “Copy Snapshot to Clipboard”, but enables the user to execute through use of hotkey assignments.
  • SnapshotEdit–same as SnapshotSave except that it opens the saved file for editing in the photo editor specified in the Snapsot Tools Setup dialog.


Special Requirements:


Installation Instructions:

Download and and unzip the file “” which contains script extensions for both the Magix and Sony versions of Vegas plus an icon.   Copy the desired script extension (dll) file and icon into the script menu folder for your current Vegas installation.  E.g. for Vegas 16, the location would be “C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 16.0\Script Menu”.  Or, you can add the script to either OtterBar or OtterInfoBar if you are using Happy Otter Scripts.