Render Quality


Render Quality is a set of tools that enables the user to objectively measure the quality of Vegas renders.  Measures of quality include Mean-Squared-Error (MSE), Power Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Structural Similarity Index Metric (SSIM).  Measures are computed by first rendering an image sequence of BMP’s from the timeline that reflect the difference between the original frame and rendered frame.  Frame differences are produced from the Vegas timeline by placing the rendered file on the top track and setting its compositing mode to Difference. 


A demo can be found here.


Special Requirements:

The DebugMode FrameServer must be installed.

Installation Instructions:

Download and and unzip the file “” which contains script extensions for both the Magix and Sony versions of Vegas plus an icon as well as the app for computing the render quality metrics.   Instructions can be found in ReadMe.txt.  The user must first copy the file “RenderQualityMetrics.exe” to a folder of choice and then launch the file to set up the proper folder configurations.  Then, copy the desired script extension (dll) file and icon into the script menu folder for your current Vegas installation.  E.g. for Vegas 16, the location would be “C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 16.0\Script Menu”.  Or, you can add the script to either OtterBar or OtterInfoBar if you are using Happy Otter Scripts.