Similar to OpenAudioEditor, except that it is for stills.  In additional to the usual formats like jpg, png, bmp, etc.  it will also open Camera Raw images from the timeline as well as PSD files.  Like OpenAudioEditor, the edited image is not added back to the timeline until processing is completed.  Also, copies of the script may be made so that multiple editors can be called.

When the script first runs, the following window is shown.  A left-click on the folder icon opens the file dialog from which the filepath to the photo editor must be selected.

After editing is completed, the following message box will appear giving the user the option of saving the edited file or not.

The user can save the edited file in three ways.

  • Add as aTake.  The edited image will be added as a take to the original image.
  • Add to New Track .   The edited image will be added to a new track named Edited Photos.
  • Replace Media. The original image will be replaced by the edited image.

The Save Option selected will be loaded the next time the script is executed.