MediaReplacer is a tool that enables the user to easily replace project media files.

1. What to Replace .

a. Selected Project Media .  Media that are selected from within the Project Media window. 

b. All Project Media . Includes all project media.

c. From Bin . Media files can be selected from a specific bin that can be found in the dropdown list.

d. Media from Selected Events .  Media may also be included for replacing by selecting timeline events.

e. Last Replaced Files .  The last replaced media files will be selected.  This permits the user to "Undo" selected or all files that were replaced in the last run.

2. Replacement Media File Name

a. Add Prefix.  If ticked, the text entered will be entered as a prefix to the media file name.

b. Add Suffix.  If ticked, the text entered will be entered as a suffix to the media file name.

c. Remove Text.  If ticked, the text entered will be removed from the media file name.

d. Until the End.  If ticked, text will be removed to the end of the file name excluding the extension.  This can be useful if the name has been serialized.

e. File Type Extension.  Drop-down list of file extensions.  An extension may be removed from the dropdown list by first selecting it and then right-clicking.  Enter Yes to remove the extension or No to keep it.

f.   Add New Extension.  To add a new extension to the dropdown list, enter the new name and then click on the green plus button.

g.   Reset .  Resets the replacement name to the original name and selects mp4 as the file extension.

3. Where to Search

a. Specific Folder . User may paste the folder location into the textbox or use the folder browse dialog by clicking on the  button.  To open the selected folder in File Explorer, click on the  button.

b. Project Folder. Searches the project folder for the replacement media files.  A sub-folder may be entered into the textbox.

c. Media Folder. Searches the media folder for the replacement media files.  A sub-folder may be entered into the textbox.

4. Preview Table

a. Project Media Filepath.  Filepath of the selected project media.

b. Replacement Media Filepath. Filepath of the replacement media.

c. OK.  If ticked, the replacement media filepath exists.

d. Checkbox Column.  For media files to be replaced, they much be "ticked" in the last column.  The top checkbox toggles between "All ticked" and "None ticked".

5. Search. Confirms that the filepath exists and shows the number of files to be replaced.

6. Replace.  Begins the replacement of project media.

7. Undo.  After files are replaced, the Undo button is enabled which will enable the restoration of the original files.  The Undo button also becomes enabled if the Last Replaced Media Files is selected when first launching the script.

8. Exit.  Exits the script.