MediaRenamer is a tool that enables the user to batch rename media files that are found in the Project Media window.  Note that MediaRenamer is an extension (not a script) and can be accessed directly in the Vegas View|Extensions window, the same location for OtterBar and OtterInfoBar.  However, it can still be launched from either OtterBar or OtterInfoBar.

1. What to Rename .

a. Selected Project Media.  Media that are selected from within the Project Media window.  Note that only external media files can be renamed.  Generated media and subclips cannot be renamed.

b. All Project Media . Includes all project media.

c. From Bin . Media files can be selected from a specific bin that can be found in the dropdown list.

d. Media from Selected Events .  Media may also be included for renaming by selecting timeline events.

e. Last Renamed Files.  The last renamed media files will be selected.  This permits the user to "Undo" selected or all files that were renamed in the last run.

2. Renaming Rules .

a. Remove . If ticked, the text entered will be removed from the media file name.

b. Add Prefix .  If ticked, the text entered will be entered as a prefix to the media file name.

c.Replace original name with . If ticked, the text entered will replace the original media file name.

d. Add Suffix . If ticked, the text entered will be as a suffix to the media file name.

e. Add Date Modified.  If ticked, the Date Modified which usually corresponds to the original recording date and time will be added as a suffix to the media file name.

f. Serialize. If ticked, a serialized digit will be added as a suffix to the media file name.  The updown box indicates the number of digits for padding and the serialization start value can be set in the second updown box.

g. Ext . If ticked, the extension of the media file will be replaced.  This option should be used with caution.

h. Reset. To reset the renaming rules, click on the   button

3. Preview Table. A table presents the original media file name and the new media file name based on the renaming rules that are chosen. 

4. Checkbox Column. For media files to be renamed, they much be "ticked" in the last column.  The top checkbox toggles between "All ticked" and "None ticked".

5. Preview.  Once the renaming rules have been defined, a click on the Preview button will populate the preview table with both the original and new file names.

6. Rename. Starts the renaming process.  For renaming to be successful Vegas must "release" the media files.  In general preferences, make sure that "Close media files when not the active application" is ticked. When the rename button is clicked, the following warning will appear:

If you can see "(Media Offline)" displayed on the video events in the timeline (note that the text is very light and often difficult to see), click OK.  If not, click Exit to return and try again.  Once renaming has been completed, the Vegas missing media dialog will appear.

Click on "Cancel" and the renamed media should appear in the Project Media window.

7. Cancel. Exit without renaming.

8. Undo.  If the "Last Renamed Files" option is selected in What to Rename, the dialog is changed so that the "Undo" button is enabled and the Renaming Rules option box is disabled as shown below.