KwikZoom is a tool that enables the user to quickly "zoom in" and then "zoom out".  To use KwikZoom the following steps are required:

1. Select event--only first selected event is used
2. Create loop region where In point is position where Zoom In begins  and Out point is position where the Zoom Out is completed.
3. Launch the script
4. Create the zoom region by clicking and dragging
5. Enter Zoom In and Zoom Out times in milliseconds.
6. Click OK

1. Shows pixels cropped for each side of image.  Values may be fine-tuned using the up/down controls.

2.   Resets pixels cropped to zero in all dimensions.

3. Zoom In Length. Sets zoom in time in milliseconds.

4. Zoom Out Length.  Sets zoom out time in milliseconds.

5. Remove all keyframes.  Keyframes falling within the loop region are always removed before adding new keyframes.  If ticked, all keyframes for the event will be removed before adding the new keyframes within the loop region.  Note: if ticked and the Cancel button is clicked, all keyframes will be removed.  In other words, the pan/crop keyframes for the event will be reset.

6. Cancel.  Closes dialog without adding keyframes.  Note: If cancel button is clicked and Remove all keyframes is ticked, all keyframes from the selected event will be removed.

7. OK.  Add new keyframes and closes the dialog.  Note: If you Reset  before clicking on OK, the following dialog appears asking whether to remove all keyframes from the event.