KwikPreview is a tool that works much the same as the Vegas Ram Preview (Shift-B) with some notable exceptions.  The preview is rendered to a temp file rather than memory, thus requiring no change to the amount of RAM in Video options.  The user has an option to select preview size as well as a frame rate reduction for high frame rate video sources.  More importantly the user has a choice of render templates that have been created in RenderPlus or use of a built-in render template.  Upon completion, preview automatically starts using Media Player Classic-Home Cinema which provides options for use of shaders that simulate use of the Vegas Computer RGB to Studio RGB or Studio RGB to Computer RGB levels conversions.  Settings may be changed by selecting Reset Script Settings in the context menu using either OtterBar or OtterInfoBar.

1. Type of Preview

a. None .  Normal preview with no split-screen.

b. Fx On/Off .  Split screen preview comparing Fx enabled vs disabled.

c. Two Tacks .  Split screen preview comparing two tracks.

d. Active Take vs Original .  Split screen previews comparing the Active Take vs the original Take.

2. Preview File Folder. Location of the temp preview files may be changed using the Browse for Folder dialog.

3. Render Properties .

a. Render Quality .  Choice of the four Vegas render quality settings.

b. Frame Height. Drop-down list of frame heights.  Frame width is automatically computed based on the aspect ratio of the Project settings.

c. Frame Rate.  Preview frame rate may be reduced by half for project frame rates that are greater or equal to 50 fps.

4. Render Template .

a. Built-in Template .  Renders to mpg using high quality mpeg2 codec settings.

b. Use Custom.  From the drop down list, select any render template that has been created using Render Plus with the exception of hevc.  All GPU-assisted options are supported using QSV, Nvenc, and VCE encoders as well as lossless formats including MagicYUV and UtVideo.  It is recommended that the user create his own "KwikPreview" render templates.

c. Include Audio.  If checked, a temp wave file will be rendered for the loop region which can be used during playback using Media Player Classic-Home Cinema.

5. Playback Filters.  Media Player Classic-Home Cinema has a number of shader presets that can simulate either the Computer RGB to Studio RGB or the Studio RGB to Computer RGB presets in the Vegas Levels Fx.

6. Don't Show Dialog. If ticked, this dialog will not be shown when running the script.  To once again show the dialog, the user must right-click on the KwikPreview icon using OtterBar or OtterInfoBar and select Reset Script Settings.

7.  Cancel .  Cancels setup. 

8.  OK.  Saves the settings and begins the preview of the selected loop region in Vegas.