ExternalApps is a tool enabling the user to quickly launch external applications such as MediaInfo, VirtualDub, Photoshop, etc.  There is an option to use the media file of the first selected event as an argument to the application.  For example, the media file of the selected event would be the file examined if MediaInfo is the selected app or an audio file could be opened in SoundForge or IzotopeRx.

1.   Launches the OpenFile dialog to add an external application.  The external application must end with a ".exe" extension.

2.   Moves the selected up in the application list.

3.   Moves the selected down in the application list.

4.   Removes an application from the application list.  Note that it does NOT remove the application from your computer.

5. Cancel.  Cancels the launch of an application.  However, changes such as adding or removing an application will still be saved.

6. Go.  Launches the selected application.  An alternative to is to double-click an application to immediately launch.