Vegas Render Templates

HOS uses the same Vegas Render Template selection dialog in ProxyAssist, RenderEvents and RenderPlus.

1. To Select a New Template. Click on the blue options button  to open the renderer selection dialog.

Select a renderer and then click on the + icon to open the dialog for template selection.

Click OK and the selected Renderer and Template will be added to the Vegas Renderer and Vegas Render Template drop down lists.

2. To Select a Template .  First select the renderer from Vegas Renderer drop-down list.  Then select the template for that renderer which can be seen in the Vegas Render Template drop-down list.  For example, if I wanted to select the Magic YUV RGB 1080 60P template from a list of Video for Windows templates in RenderPlus, the following dialog would appear.

In the event that either the selected renderer or selected template cannot be found, the following message is shown.


3. To Delete a Template. Simply right-click on the selected template.  The following dialog will appear.  Click on Yes to delete.