RenderPlus Encoder Settings

The RenderPlus Encoder Settings dialog is pretty much the same as the dialogs found in AviDub, ImportAssist, ProxyAssist, and RenderEvents. A complete description of this dialog may be found in  x264 Render Template  .  However the dialog in RenderPlus does add a couple of features.

1. Ext File .  If the checkbox is ticked, a saved external audio file may be used in place of a direct render from Vegas.  The folder icon is enabled and the user can navigate to the audio file.

2. Add Track . If checked, the audio from the external file will be added as a second audio track.

3. 422 . If checked, a chroma subsampling of 4:2:2 will applied.

4. Select Vegas Audio Template.  If checked, the blue Options button  becomes enabled and the audio out template from Vegas may be selected. 

During HOS installation, four Audio Only Sony AVC/MVC templates were added which gives the user the option to use internal aac rendering.  In such instances, the audio stream is simply copied during remuxing.  Tests also revealed there was no need for any audio delay compensation unlike using FFmpeg.  An added advantage in Versions 13-15 is that loudness logs can be generated prior to render, thus ensuring audio levels are set properly.

5. Encoders .  The following encoders are available in a system having an Intel Processor with GPU and an Nvidia graphics card.

6. Bitrate-File Size Calculator .  A bit-rate calculator file size calculator is included for abr, cbr, and 2-pass modes.  After one of the modes is selected, the calculator button is enabled.  Click once and two things happen.  The estimated file size is shown and the calculator flashes red.  The desired file size may then be entered.  Click on the calculator again.  The flashing stops and the estimated bit rate is shown.  In turn, the command line is updated to reflect the changed  bit rate.

7. Build/Load Custom CommandLine.  If checked, the Video Options and Audio Options info boxes are disabled and  the user is free to create, save, and load custom CommandLines.  The textbox showing the command line may then be directly edited.  The edited CommandLine may then be saved for later use.  If checked, the render template dropdown list is disabled.