OtterPlay permits the user to immediately “play” a media file that has just been rendered from AviDub, RenderEvents or RenderPlus using Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (MPC-HC). 

What to Play .  Three options are available for media rendered using RenderEvents or AviDub. 

  • Rendered .  Plays the file just rendered.  This is the only option available when using RenderPlus.
  • Original.  Plays the original media file.  The media file is trimmed so that only the section corresponding to the rendered event, loop, or region is played.
  • Split-screen . Plays a split-screen of the original media on the left and the rendered file on the right.

Shader Presets .  MPC-HC enables the user to apply certain filters or shaders during playback.  OtterPlay provides four options.

  • None . No filters are applied.
  • Clamp.  Applies a full range (0-255) to TV range (16-235) filter.  In Vegas terms, it is the same as a Computer RGB to Studio RGB  levels change.
  • Expand. Applies a TV range (16-235) to full range (0-255) filter.  In Vegas terms, it is the same as a Studio RGB to Computer RGB levels change.
  • Custom.  Enables the user to create his own preset. (See Help File for details).

Play Fullscreen .  If checked, fullscreen playback will be enabled.

Use Direct Show.  If checked, OtterPlay will attempt to use Windows Direct Show for previewing whenever Original or Split Screen are selected.  If unchecked, an Avisynth filter will be used.